I can get what!?

Lately I have been drawn into the world of “Subscription Boxes” ..Have you heard of any popular companies that are ruling the internet? Ipsy, Julep, Birchbox, Dottie Box…..the list goes on and on. These boxes are basically sample size products that come to you in the mail monthly for a smidgen of the price that the full size would run you. The products vary by distributor but you can receive a box full of snacks, something for your home, or the newest beauty products. The possibilities of what you’ll receive after you sign up are endless, and you don’t know what you’re getting (usually) until you open your own box! It’s like Christmas once a month, right? Unfortunately, if you end up giving your address and credit card to three different subscriptions you’re suddenly spending an extra $100 for the month. Stinky.

So about two years about I found this company called Influenster which lets you take polls, fill out reviews, share your opinion, and connect your social media pages all in order to receive a box in the mail. Now, you are not always guaranteed a box but the more active you are on the site the more likely you will be getting a surprise in the mail. The best part about this? The only thing you pay is your OPINION. Your influence on others is all they want! How cool! So for a while I found myself taking quizzes here and there and unlocking various badges (these are what earn you points, which in the end might score you a box!) and so far I have received four boxes! The products I’ve gotten reflect my girly side-hair accessories, full size deodorant, a special hair brush made to help dry your hair, etc. This company by far has stolen my heart for products to receive in the mail. I recommend you try it out, too! 

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Fresh start to every day

Recently I have been trying to eat more healthy (I mean, who hasn’t?) But, like most, I live a busy life and find if hard to sit down and have a balanced breakfast every..single..morning. There’s only two things I need in a breakfast:

1) Easy preparation

2) Keeps me full until lunch

I started drinking a smoothie for breakfast earlier this week. I love that it’s portable, and has very little clean up. To keep myself from getting hungry I’ve added spinach to the ingredients list (weird, right?) So each morning I throw these ingredients in a blender:

5 big strawberries

1 banana

1 handful of raw spinach 

3/4 cup honey vanilla greek yogurt

3/4 cup vanilla almond milk

The results are so good! I don’t find myself getting hungry for about three hours. The spinach doesn’t leave any flavor either, but it adds a TON of nutrients. Try it out and see how you feel about it!

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Snail mail

Alright alright, I realize that we live in the age of fancy technology. E-mail, text messaging, and a countless amount of apps for smartphones. Even though the convenience is 100% better, I can’t help but love snail mail. I send letters to family members who live in other states all the time, and it’s so fun to know that they love getting something from the post office as much as I do. 

The second best thing about sending handwritten letters? You can personalize them as 

Imagemuch as your heart desires! I like to start the decorations on the outside of the letter, only to give the receiver a preview of how much thought was put on the inside as well. 

Do you like to personalize the outside too? What are some of your creations?

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Boscia: MakeUp-BreakUp Cool Cleansing Oil

Boscia: MakeUp-BreakUp Cool Cleansing Oil

I recently purchased this face cleanser from Sephora ( http://www.sephora.com/makeup-breakup-cool-cleansing-oil-P254604?skuId=1227891 ) and I love the product! The consistency is just like baby oil, which feels strange to rub on your face at first but I promise it works wonders. It smells minty and there is a slight tingly feeling after using the product. It can be used all over your face, including your eyes. Makeup comes off really easily, including mascara. I still use my ‘Yes to Cucumbers Eye Makeup Remover Pads’ to finish removing any under eye makeup residue. Honestly the best face wash I have come across, and worth the price.

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Hobbies make you happy

Have you ever noticed how something can totally change your mood? Hobbies are awesome for that. When you’re stressed-you can relax, if you’re thinking too much-it can calm your thoughts. A hobby to me is a time or place where you get to lose yourself in something you love.  Continue reading

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Birthday Weekend

I decided to have a weekend get-a-way with my boyfriend to celebrate my 22nd birthday, and the timing was perfect! It was the first weekend of spring break, a heat wave of 30+ degrees (I took this a little too seriously and forgot a jacket, oops!), and only a short four hour drive to our destination: the Twin Cities!


Shrimp Po-Boy from Smalley’s

On our adventure we decided to try a few awesome restaurants. I don’t say this lightly, the food we ate on our trip was more than memorable! 

1) Pizzeria Lola  

Location: Minneapolis, MN

This little place was still packed at 10 p.m. They offered a variety of pizzas, and the owner is of Asian ethnicity so there are a lot of unique choices. The crust was very thin and the sauce was awesome. Prices for the pizzas ranged from $15-20. I would recommend this to anyone who travels through the area.

2) Ciao Bella

Location: Bloomington, MN

We made reservations at this Italian restaurant for my birthday dinner…and WOW. Not only did I feel like Queen Marissa (the most attentive staff ever) but the food was ahhhh-mazing. The portions are small and the cost is on the high end, but for a celebration this was the perfect choice. I could go on for hours describing how much I loved this place. 

3) Smalley’s Caribbean BBQ

Location: Stillwater, MN

The restaurant is in the midst of the historic downtown area, offering beautiful scenery and  boutiques in every direction. The atmosphere of the eating area includes pictures of pirates and skeletons, quotes from famous pirates, and other random pirate paraphernalia. The staff was friendly, the food was awesome (imagine Jamaican style pork/chicken and a lot of sea food)…the cost was perfect too. (The restaurant has a “dirty” sense of humor to go along with the theme. The ladies’ shirts said “I work hard for me booty” and the men had some other phrase.) Overall awesome place!

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